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A Complete Guide On Measuring Your Feet.

Taking the effort to discover your actual shoe size will help you avoid having a bad shoe-buying experience. Finding the exact shoe sizing and width is crucial if you want to avoid being on a walk with shoes that pinch or hurt. 
You'll hardly realize you're wearing your shoes if they fit like a glove. Moreover, you can buy shoes online from BLKBRD SHOEMAKER with more confidence if you know your exact foot size. 
However, the wrong shoe size can have an adverse effect not only on your feet and back but also on your activities. You  can jog, run, hike, and move without difficulty with perfectly fitting shoes. To measure your feet and choose the ideal pair of shoes, follow our extensive guide.


To get the most accurate foot measurement, measure your feet at the end of the day when they are at their largest. Also, make sure to wear the same pair of socks you plan to wear with the shoes when measuring.

You must have a pencil, a piece of paper that is large enough to fit your entire foot, and a tape measure. Now follow the steps outlined below to measure your foot accurately:

Trace Your Foot: Put a sheet of paper on the ground. Tape two sheets together if your foot requires larger space than a single sheet. If you plan to wear socks with the shoe, be certain to take measurements with your socks on. For the most accurate measurement, place your whole weight on foot. You can have yourself or someone else trace around your foot gently, making sure the pencil or pen is placed at a 90-degree angle.


Once you have the tracing of your feet in the form of an outline, you can finally measure the deciding factors for a perfect shoe size.
1. Measure The Foot Length

Measure the outline from the back or central section of your heel to the tip of the longest toe with a measuring tape. You might wish to trace your foot a few times for more accurate results.  For reference, you can look at the image above. Here the length represented by the mark "C" is the Foot length. 2. Measure the Width
Measure the distance betewen the widest part of the tracing of your feet. Make sure you put your entire weight on foot to get a more accurate measurement. This width, marked as "A*" in the image, gives the foot width. 3. Look for Foot Circumference
As given in the image beside, A and B represent the circumference of the feet along the designated region. A is called the Ball Girth which is the circumferential measure of the widest part of the feet along the end points of the A* whereas, B, the Instep/Mid Girth is also a circumfernce, measured along the highest part of your feet. These are two sizes that are required for an accurate fit.


With the steps explained above in the guide, you can easily measure your foot correctly and find the perfect footwear for yourself. However, be accurate with the measurements to avoid getting wrong results. You must note to take these measurements in millimeters or mm in order to get the perfect pair while buying shoes from shoemakers like BLKBRD SHOEMAKER. Once you have all these measurements, you can easily refer to size charts and get the ideal shoe while buying online or offline.

For further personal assistance with the fitting or other queries, you can reach out the sizing expert over call or WhatsApp at +917302226922.