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When it comes to customizing your exclusive pair of shoe, we offer infinite possibilities to let you transform your dream shoe into a reality.

Here are some major aspects of a shoe and the variations that we currently offer. You can go through all the options and connect with us over email or WhatsApp to craft your dream shoe.

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Explore all the customisable options below:



Almond Toe

Toe Profile: Almond shape
Fitting: True to size
Perfect for any formal dress shoes such as Full Brogue Oxford, Monk Straps or Derby shoes.


Square Toe

Toe Profile: Square Chisel
Fitting: True to size
Perfect for contemporary dress shoes, like cap-toe oxfords, loafers and non-conventional monk strap designs.


Round Toe

Toe Profile: Round
Fitting: True to size, comfortable fore foot area.
Royce is a specialist BLKBRD Last with very English shape and proportions. Hence we have used this last for extensive range of both traditional loafer designs and English boot designs.


Round Sleek

Toe Profile: Round with sleek toe
Fitting: True to size
Owing to its sleek proportions, the MCLAREN Last is perfect for modern loafers with sleek silhouette.



Round Biker

Toe Profile: Round with Prominent Toe Bump
Fitting: True to size
This Last is our render for a strong rugged boot that can endure any wider circumstance the wearer put them into. HARLEY is signature BLKBRD boot last with ample toe volume to protect your toes while riding or outdoors.


Round Combat

Toe Profile: Broad Round
Fitting: True to size
The TRIUMPH is a round toe Last with a broad profile, imparting it a very classic vintage style. Perfect for Combat and biker boot-designs.


Square Dress

Toe Profile: Square Chisel
Fitting: True to size
The BENTLEY is a classic dress boot last with very Victorian era influences in its body proportions. Perfect for any kind of Victorian era Balmoral boot, Chelsea, Chukka and even Button boots.



Toe Profile: Classic Round
Fitting: True to size
The ROYCE-B is the boot version of our classic ROYCE last. Sharing similar toe profile, ROYCE-B is perfect for any kind of formal dress boots, like Cap-toe derby boots, Wingtip Boots, etc.


The Style


Characterized by the closed lace-up system Oxfords offer more snug fittings and can be considered more formal style.

The Style


Derby shoes are characterized by the open lace-up style, where the shoe fitting is more accommodating than an oxford shoe. Derby shoes are possibly the most versatile of all shoe styles, bridging the gap between smart and smart casual wear.

The Style

Monk Strap

Monk straps have a very distinctive style, where the shoes are closed with a visible strap over the shoe to close the shoes.

The Style


Loafers are characterized basis of no laces with slip-on style feet entry. Loafer can be the most versatile style, which one can pair with both casual and formal attires.


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Upper Leather

Full Grain Crust

Full grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather and hence it is the most used leather among the shoemakers.
Also this leather can be given a very high shine and any shoe made using this leather can be made subtle with great elegance.

Upper Leather

Textured and Grains

Textured or grain leather is a type of leather which has been worked upon to create distinct texture over the surface. Milled, Hatch-grain, Pebble grain are to name some.
Textures leather are great choice to add detailing to the shoe upper and one of the most used grain leather, i.e. Milled leather, due to its soft characteristic is best suited for comfort shoes like Driving Loafers.

Upper Leather

Faux Exotic Prints

Faux leather is a leather which has been processed by the leather finishers and tanneries to make the generic bovine based leather to look like exotic animal skins, like faux croc, Ostrich skin, Faux snake, Pony Hair Faux Leopard, etc.
Faux leather can be used for more contemporary and fashion forward footwear, where the design has to have a very distinct feature and wants to add an exclusive element to their shoes.

Upper Leather


Suede leather is the middle layer of the bovine hide, where the upper split layer is the top grain or full grain ad mid layer with the fibers attached is used to make suede leather. The fibers are worked to give more supple and smooth feel.
Suede leather is great choice for summer, since it is sifter and more breathable than top grain leather and is available in myriad of bright summer colors.


Sole Options


A Leather sole is perfect choice when it comes to sleek and formal style of shoes, example Wingtip and Cap-toe Oxfords, Whole-cuts, Oxford and Balmoral Boots, etc

Sole Options

Dainite - Rubber

A Dainite Rubber Sole is quite versatile option, where one can opt for this sole with shoe styles for both office and outdoors.
Goes along great with a Plain Vamp Oxford or a Blucher derby, Chukka and Chelsea Boots, etc.

Sole Options

Ridgeway - Rubber

Ridgeway is a Heavy duty rugged sole made to be worn outdoors. Perfect for ruggest footwear styles such as Military Boots, Long-wing Blucher Boots, Country Boots and with modern experimental styles such as Norwegian Bluchers, etc.

Sole Options

Commando - Rubber

Similar to Ridgeway sole, the Commando Sole is also a Heavy duty rugged sole made to be worn outdoors. Perfect for rugged footwear styles such as Military Boots, Blucher Boots, Plain Vamp Boots, etc.

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