Considering participating in the 2023 Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome 3?

Can’t decide on a pair of shoes for the 2023 Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome? We at BLKBRD have an offer that will make your decision much easier!

What's the Offer?

Compete for the full 6 months of the Thunderdome in a pair of BLKBRD’s ordered between now and August 31st , and you will receive a credit for 50% of the purchase price towards a future pair of premium BLKBRD Footwear.

This offer is only valid until August 31 st and is limited to the first 10 orders, to ensure our skilled craftsmen will have enough time to painstakingly handmake your premium pairs of BLKBRD shoes before the beginning of the Patina Thunderdome. However, we recommend reaching out to us sooner to discuss pairs, customizations, and sizing for a stress-free experience.

How to Seize this Opportunity?

To claim this offer, just use the code “STITCHDOWN” when you make your order. As an added bonus, this code will get you FREE SHIPPING as well!

This offer is valid on any of the models listed on our website. However, the sky’s the limit when it comes to the possibilities with BLKBRD! Any model on our site can be made as an MTO utilizing any leathers we have available, including top quality leathers from tanneries such as Horween, C.F. Stead, Zonta and Maryam*.

Additionally, any model can be customized with any soles in our catalog, which now includes durable rubber soles from Dr. Soles and Vibram.

Contact us through Instagram @blkbrdshoemaker/, send us an email at or you can WhatsApp us at Pradeep +91 73022 26922 Sandeep +1 6179914672 to start customizing the shoe of your dreams!

Secure your offer by paying for the shoes in full using the promo code “STITCHDOWN”.

You could check the BLKBRD BOOTS here!

*Note: Seamless wholecut are excluded from this offer!

Why Are We Doing This?
Two main reasons:

1. We attribute our BLKBRD 2.0 boots collection to the 2022 Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome run.
2. While we are proud to offer shiny new pairs of shoes to you all, we are also curious to see how they age as you lovingly wear them through the 6-month Thunderdome run.

Redeeming the Offer
Once you have purchased your new pair of BLKBRD’s with the “STITCHDOWN” promo code, register for the Thunderdome with your BLKBRD pairs and remain an active participant for the entire 6-month period to receive the full 50% credit towards a future pair of shoes.

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may leave you unable to complete the full 6 month run.
Therefore, if you compete for at least two months, we will still offer you a partial credit back!

* After 2 months: Get 20% credit back
* After 4 months: Get 25% credit back.
* After 6 months: Enjoy an impressive 50% credit!

Note: Maximum credit: $150 / 12,450 INR. You must stay in the run for at least 2 months to claim any credit. The credit amount is based on the paid amount, excluding tax and any additional fees.