HORWEEN, Hatchgrain - Cognac, Burgundy, Black

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Horween Pioneer Reindeer, also referred to as Hatch Grain in the marketplace, is a combination tanned leather with a full vegetable re-tan; well nourished with a rich proprietary blended oil emulsion.

Pioneer Reindeer is commonly finished by incorporating Horween’s Boxboard Print (Hatch Grain) into the leather. Aniline dyes are used to provide tonality between the tips and the base of the print.

This leather is highly durable and provides a very unique and antique look in shoes and boots.

Horween leather is considered among the world's best leather! Horween Leather is named after the tannery where it is produced- The Horween Leather Company. It was founded in 1905 and for more than 100 years and five generations their goal has been to make the world's best leather.

At Horween, the tanning process takes a minimum of six months; hides are vegetable-tanned for at least 60 days, then hot-stuffed and hand-cured, shaved, and dyed by skilled artisans. The time, money, and skill needed for such a process help make for a spectacularly narrow playing field.

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