OPERA, Ox Reverse Suede - Sandal, Tunisi, Black, Navy, Mosto

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The heavy-weight hunting suede being referred to is a type of suede material that has a luxurious and fine-napped surface. It also has a full-grain natural back, which means that the material has not been sanded or buffed, leaving the natural grain intact. This gives the suede a more durable and rugged quality that makes it ideal for outdoor activities such as hunting.

This type of suede is well-suited for use in unlined boots and shoes, as it provides a comfortable and breathable surface for the feet. It is also an excellent choice for making moccasins, which are traditionally unlined shoes made from soft leather.

One of the main advantages of using this suede is that it can help to solve any lining worries. With an unlined shoe or boot, the inside of the shoe can often feel rough or uncomfortable against the foot, and it can be difficult to find a suitable lining material that doesn't compromise the breathability of the shoe. However, the heavy-weight hunting suede provides a comfortable and breathable surface that eliminates the need for separate lining material.

Overall, the heavy-weight hunting suede is a versatile and practical material that is ideal for outdoor footwear and can help solve some common lining concerns.

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